YuanFang Prefabricated sewage (water purification) plant

TIMP intelligent modular assembled integrated sewage treatment system

  • One-key molding process design
  • Fully automatic intelligent manufacturing
  • Biological reinforcement process
Concept principle

Yuanfang prefabricated Sewage (Water Treatment) Plant (TIMP Intelligent modular prefabricated sewage treatment system) is a factory "intelligent manufacturing" standard modular prefabricated sewage treatment equipment that can be applied to large, medium and small treatment scale independently developed by Taiyuan Environmental Protection in 2015.

Simulation Lego blocks with combination assembly, the principle of reassembling, through industrial wisdom, simulation modeling calculation technology, design more than ten different functions of standardized stainless steel module (equivalent to Lego building blocks components), field assembly, overturn the sewage plant, water purification plant reinforced concrete standardized "build" mode, through the industrial smart stainless steel standard module, at the site of the project standardized assembly into sewage (water purification) factory.

At the same time, the special distribution of water, gas cloth, mud discharge and the dominant microbial bacteria are adopted to upgrade and optimize the process, improve the operation effect and efficiency, and realize the resource and energy saving of the water purification project.

The technology has been successfully applied in more than 200,000 tons of sewage treatment plant projects, and has been identified as the international leading level and international advanced level, created a new "intelligent manufacturing" mode of sewage treatment plant and water purification plant, and opened a new era of prefabricated sewage treatment plant and water purification plant.

Featured advantage
Compared with traditional sewage water plants, standard modular prefabricated water plants have great advantages in terms of cost, land occupation and construction period.
  • 5
    The service life is more than
  • 6
    The land occupation is saved by more than
  • 7
    The energy saving and carbon emission reduction is
  • 8
    The construction period is shortened by about
  • 9
    The "three wastes" in ecological construction are reduced by
  • 10
    The box recycling rate is
energy storage technology
photovoltaic technology
building lighting
  • Simmodeling design of the functional pool standard module, calculate the depth, width and Angle of ripples, make the fluid turbulent, and improve the mixing efficiency of water, gas and mud;
  • Design multiple flipping and folding structures inside the function pool to reduce the flow pattern;
  • Develop microanimals and protozoa, improve the reproductive ability of microbial bacteria, and efficient biological predation to achieve sludge mass;
  • Use enriched filler, improve the activity and concentration of sludge, and improve the sewage treatment efficiency of the same volume;
  • Highly intensive design uses the flexible characteristics of steel material to carry out the common wall design without a hard safe distance, while increasing the height of the pool body to expand the pool capacity.
Case display
scope of application Sewage plant (including industrial wastewater) new construction, upgrading, capacity expansion, emergency, water environment treatment, rural sewage, medical wastewater, water plant, pure water, reclaimed water reuse, etc.
  • The prefabricated sewage treatment plant in Guanghan city, Sichuan Province

    Project scale:15,000 tons / day

    Project mode:EPCO

    Water quality:wastewater from the industrial park

    Contract discharge standard: implement the discharge concentration limit standard of centralized sewage treatment plants in industrial parks in the Discharge Standard of Minjiang River and Tuojiang River Basin of Sichuan Province (DB51 / 2311-2016)

  • Liaoning Jinzhou Qilihe Industrial Park prefabricated sewage treatment plant

    Project scale:16,500 tons / day

    Project mode:EPC

    Water quality:wastewater from the industrial park

    Contract discharge standard: The effluent shall implement the Grade A standard in the Pollutant Discharge Standard of Urban Sewage Treatment Plants (GB18918-2002)

  • Modular prefabricated sewage treatment plant in Heyuan City, Guangdong Province

    Project scale:40,000 tons / day

    Project mode:EPC

    Water quality:municipal sewage

    Contract discharge standard: the stricter value in the national standard Pollutant Discharge Standard for Urban Sewage Treatment Plants (GB18918-2002) and its modified single level A standard and Guangdong local standard Water Pollutant Discharge Limits (DB44 / 26-2001)

International leading level recognition
Science and Technology Award
The "14th Five-Year Plan" ecological environment innovation project case
Carbon label, product carbon footprint certificate, low-carbon product supplier certificate