建立在泰源环保“源方”系列产品全栓接技术可循环利用基础上, 告别传统污水厂只能爆破拆除的旧局面,此举是泰源环保为实现双碳目标贡献绵薄之力!


The BRO model refers to the entire project being designed, invested, constructed, and operated by TAIYUAN E.P., and then the entire system engineering is leased to the customer for use. The customer regularly pays the leasing and operating fees to solve the pressure of large one-time investment and uncertain results.
  • Building
  • Renting
  • Operation


The BTR model refers to the use of the "Source" series of modular assembly products by customers. After construction and operation, we can recycle them at a certain depreciation price to reduce customer usage costs or assist customers in non-destructive relocation.
  • Building
  • Transferring
  • Reclycling